Board of Directors

Chris Errington (Executive Chairman) is currently Head of Research at Kestrel Partners LLP. Chris was previously CEO of Gresham, from 2010 to 2015, where he led the successful turnaround of this London Premium Listed technology company, before which he was CFO from 2004 to 2010. Chris qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young. He spent twelve years working in the audit and assurance business, followed by a year with BDO in a similar capacity, before joining Gresham as CFO. Chris holds a first class honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of Southampton.

Stephen East (Non-Executive Director) previously served as Finance Director of MEPC plc and Woolworth Group plc. He currently holds non-executive directorships at Marwyn Management Partners plc and CQS Diversified Fund Limited and serves on the board of Genesis Housing Association. He previously held non-executive appointments with Regus Group plc and Star Energy Group plc. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He is the Chairman of the company’s Audit Committee.

Hugh Scrimgeour (Non-Executive Director) is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants with a wealth of international events industry experience. He has previously been Chief Financial Officer of Princess Cruises and Chairman and Managing Director of Earls Court and Olympia, and more recently was a Director of Tarsus Group, an international exhibition organiser.

Company Secretary

Gary Raven

Corporate Governance

The Directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and intend to comply with the Corporate Governance Guidelines, to the extent appropriate for a company of Snoozebox’s nature and size.

Audit Committee

The audit committee is chaired by Stephen East. Its other member is Hugh Scrimgeour. The audit committee meets a minimum of twice a year and is responsible for ensuring that financial performance of Snoozebox is reported on and monitored, including review of the annual and interim accounts, results announcements, internal control systems and procedures and accounting policies.

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee is chaired by Hugh Scrimgeour. Its other member is Stephen East. It meets twice a year. It is responsible for determining, within agreed frames of reference, policy on the remuneration of senior executives and specific remuneration packages for Executive Directors. It is also responsible for recommending the grant of share options to management and employees.